Why Top Business Ideas Include Online MLM


The reason why you are looking for top business ideas is that you are the kind of person that do not want to get left behind and what I am about to share with you is the wave of the future. By the time you get to the end of this article you will be glad that you found this information. I don’t want to tease you anymore, so let’s get started!

What Does MLM Have to do With Top Business Ideas?

For those who do not know what MLM is let me quickly explain. MLM (Multi level marketing, Network Marketing and Home based business) is an industry based on the most effective type of advertisement: word of mouth advertisement. In order to best explain the top business ideas of Network marketing business model let me ask you a few questions. Have you ever watched a movie or been to a good restaurant that you liked and the next day you told about it to your friends and family? Oh, yeah, I thought so. Let’s assume that your friends went to see the same movie or to eat tote same restaurant. When was the last time you received a cheque from the cinema or the restaurant owner for the reason that you brought some business for them? Again, I thought so: it never happened, right?

In MLM it happens all the time. People get paid for recommending a product that they like and for generating sales for the company. If you are thinking some kind of pyramid scheme, please learn the difference now because MLM is a very legit and honourable business model and also one of the very few top business ideas for the future that is based on the following principal: help people get what they want and you get everything you want. In illegal pyramid schemes people get paid for only bringing in people in Network marketing people get paid for producing sales volume for a company and they are rewarded by commissions.

Why is MLM One of the Top Business Ideas?

Let’s see some advantages. Low start up cost: here you don’t even need $500 to put this together instead of a $200 000 Franchise (another effective business model if you are looking for top business ideas). For the reason that you put in less you risk the least possible. The worst thing is if you buy some products and don’t build any business and consume it yourself. In spite of this you still have unlimited income potential and I really mean it.

You can start this part time (as for starting your business without giving up your current job is among the greatest top business ideas these days) imagine you keep on working on your job and in one year you build a residual income from MLM that equals to the money you get working full time on your job. You do not need to deal with the typical business tasks: hiring and firing employees, taking care of the delivery, etc. Incredible tax advantages: most of your current expenses like telephone bill, petrol, rent and Internet can be written off from your income which reduces your profit and that reduces the tax you need to pay. You own a home business so you work from home basically and your kids will love it.

Here is why you can achieve Freedom utilizing the MLM type of top business ideas. In Network marketing you leverage other people’s time and other people’s money and basically your business will grow without you are being there and doing anything. Incredible.

Is This One of the Top Business Ideas with Only Advantages?

Of course, NOT! Let’s see some disadvantages, then (there are not any existing top business ideas without any disadvantages). You ready? The flip side of the coin is this: some people do not take this as a serious business because of the low start up cost and for the reason that it is very easy to quit. People do not know how to market (remember Network marketing mad of 2 words where Network refers to the people around you and Marketing refers to the way you make your opportunity more and more popular so that people come and join your business).

People do not know that their target market is not their friends and family and they have not got a clue where to find interested qualified prospects (leads) to contact. For the reason I mentioned there is a high failure rate in Network marketing and that also gives a bad name to our amazing industry. Do not be fooled, this is just like any other top business ideas: most people fail but some can make it work.